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Now use in Spanish!

By setting your Profile language to Spanish, you can see all screens, menus and labels in Spanish.

We're working on a feature that will also offer Authors the ability to create multilingual content for their Skills, References and Cards, but for now only the original language as entered is available.

Effective: v1.0.4.3

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Contacting Support

The fastest way to contact Support is to use our email address: You can also leave posts in this forum, which we monitor.

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We welcome your feedback!

During our Beta period, no comment or concern is too small! If you prefer not to post your comments here on a public forum, we invite you to email us at Thank you!

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Changing or Cancelling a Recurring Enrollment Schedule

Managers have the ability to set up recurring card enrollments for their Learners. Once a recurring enrollment schedule has been set up, starts new cards on auto-pilot. But if you want to change the schedule, or even cancel it altogether, then follow these steps:

Choose Learn in the side menu. Go to the card with the recurring enrollment and choose the Enroll button


In the pop-ip menu that appears, turn the Recurring Enrollment switch ON, as shown:


with the Recurring Enrollment switch ON, you'll see the scheduling options. Make any changes you want and select** CONFIRM**, or To cancel the recurring enrollment, turn the Recurring Enrollment switch to OFF, and then CONFIRM to close the pop-up.

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