Learners can now request Skill sign-offs from a Mentor using email. This is a great option when mobile devices aren't handy, or there's no web access when or where the Skill is performed. Or maybe you just forgot to get sign-off at the time? Now, you can request sign-off later, when you get back to your phone or your desk, or when network access is restored.

While your sign-off request is waiting for approval by the Mentor, your Skill will be decorated with an orange envelope icon.
email signoff.gif
If the Mentor approves the request, the Skill will receive the standard green checked-off icon. If the Mentor rejects the request, the Skill reverts back to its original, undecorated appearance. If the Skill was previously marked "Ready", then the blue ribbon icon is removed, too.

Mentors: just click the email link corresponding to your approve or reject decision. Pract.us should launch automatically and even sign you in if a session was active at the time. If not, you may need to sign in to Pract.us first before your approve/reject decision is recorded.