Things change, and sometimes a Card you started is no longer important or relevant. Maybe your career path or your interests have changed? Maybe your Manager has new plans for you? In any case, you can request a cancellation any time by expanding your Card's banner and selecting the Cancel button.

In the popup window, you can add a note to your Manager (perhaps explaining the reason for your request). Submit the request to your Manager by selecting Confirm.

Until your Manager approves or rejects the cancellation request, your Card's badge will have a small red trash can icon attached to it.


If your Manager approves the request, the Progress Dial will freeze and turn black, showing your final point tally and final assigned completion date. If your Manager rejects the request, the enrollment remains active with same completion date as before.

In most Teams, someone else will be your Manager. But in some Teams, you may act as your own Manager. In those cases, any enrollment requests you make will be automatically approved, including cancellation. In the Public Team, which everyone is a member of, you are your own Manager.

Once a Card has been cancelled, you can always re-enroll again later.