As a Learner. enrolling in and completing Cards by performing their Skills is your central goal in Your Manager may assign Cards to you, or you may find some that interest you or will prepare you for a new role or a next career step.

To browse the Card catalog, select Learn from the side menu. Now select a Card, expand the Card's top banner (it may already be open) and select the Enroll button. The popup window allows you to write a note to your Manager and propose a completion date.


Confirm and submit the request to your Manager. Until your Manager approves the enrollment, it will appear with a green mortarboard icon, as shown:


When your Manager has approved the enrollment, the green icon will disappear and the new Card will show up in your My Cards with an activated Progress Dial and assigned completion date underneath.

In most Teams, someone else will be your Manager. But in some Teams, you'll act as your own Manager. In those cases, any enrollment requests you make will be automatically approved. In the Public Team, which everyone is a member of, you are your own Manager.