The Sign-Off is proof that:

  • you have successfully learned a Skill and
  • convinced a Mentor that you've learned it

Once you have finished preparing for a Skill by reading its Instructions and reviewing any References, then your next step is to find one of the Skill's Mentors and ask for a Sign-off.

If you put the Skill on your Ready List, or if you followed a Mentor, then notifies you when one becomes available.

The Mentor may ask you a few questions, discuss some important aspects of the Skill, or maybe pass along his or her own personal experience and advice. Your time with a Mentor is an opportunity to learn from someone who already "knows the ropes", so take advantage of it!

When the Mentor is satisfied that you've successfully learned the Skill, he or she will sign it off by selecting one of the available methods, such as the Mentor PIN (in which the Mentor enters their secret code), or eMail (in which sends an email with a special link that will confirm the sign-of).

Once signed off, you'll get full Point credit for the Skill and your Card Progress Dial will update to reflect your accomplishment.