Think of Fields the way you would a college major. It's a kind of specialty or area of focus. Your courses and teachers are different for different majors.

Like a major, a Field also has its own set of course materials (Skills and Cards) and its own set of Learners, Mentors, and Authors. A user may be a member of more than one Field and have different roles in each.

Every Team has at least one Field designated as a "home" Field, and all members of that Team are permanent members of it - they can't leave it without also leaving the Team. The Team may have several Fields and the Team Admin manages who has membership in each, and what roles they play.

When organizing your Team, think about specialties or departments within your organization and ask yourself the following questions:

  • do you want to organize Skill and Card catalogs by specialty?
  • do you want to control access or enrollments to these different catalogs?
  • is it necessary to assign Author or Mentor roles to users in some areas but not others?
  • is your organization already organized by specialty or function and you'd like your Team to mirror it?
  • are there other reasons for wanting to create "majors" within your organization?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Fields may help you organize and manage your Team.

If you answered "no", then a single Field may work just fine for your Team. You can always add Fields in the future if your needs change.