handles Card versioning behind the scenes, so in most cases, you won't need to worry about it. If a Card's content changes, will automatically make a new version of the Card.

Here's what considers a "content change" to a Card:

  • changing the Name, Description or Intended Audience
  • adding, removing or changing any Skills
  • changing the order or location of Skills
  • adding, removing or changing Headers
  • changing the Card Badge icon

Here's what does not consider a content change:

  • adding, removing or changing Mentors on any Skill helps you keep this straight by requiring you to close a Card before you can make any content changes (as defined above). But you can change Mentors without closing a Card, since doesn't consider that a change worth versioning.

As far as Mentors go, who actually signs off on a skill is what's important, not who could sign off the skill. And who actually signs off is part of the skill's permanent sign-off record and will never change, no matter what an Author or Mentor does later.

While a Card is closed, you can make as many content changes as you want, as often as you want, without the Card's version being affected (changed). Once you have updated your Card, the new version becomes effective as soon as you Open it for enrollment.

If your Card has any active enrollments (i.e., it's "in use" by one or more Learners), then those Cards will never incorporate any content changes. Once a Card is in use by a Learner, Card content can't be changed for that Learner. We don't think it's fair to change a Learner's active Card - it forces them to chase a moving target!

However, any Mentor updates are applied immediately to all active Cards, since Mentor assignment changes are not considered changes to the Card's content.