makes a distinction between a card's content and its Mentors. Once a Learner begins a card enrollment, then the content won't change: the skills , points, etc, are "locked down" for the duration of the enrollment. We don't want a Learner to have to chase a moving target. Besides, the Manager that approved the enrollment assigned a completion date based on the card's contents. It's not fair to anyone to change that content midstream.

If an Author changes the contents of a card or skill, then those changes take effect with the very next Learner who enrolls. They are not applied retroactively to cards already in progress.

But Mentor assignments are a different. recognizes that organizations are always in flux: people join, leave, and change roles constantly. Your own Team memberships and roles will change over time, too. So while card content is locked down for each enrollment, Mentor assignments are not.

A Learner who is preparing for a skill will always see the same skill content. But the choice of Mentors available to sign off that skill may change.

So here are some guidelines for Authors when making Mentor changes:

  • Mentor changes can be made to any skill or card at any time.
  • Closing the card or skill is not necessary when changing Mentors. You can and should leave them open.
  • Mentor changes are applied to cards and skills immediately, even for active cards in progress.

As an Author, you can enter Edit mode directly, without Closing the card or skill first, and make Mentor changes as needed.