Previously, there were only two ways for a Learner to start a new card enrollment:

  1. The Learner sent an enrollment request to his/her Manager (who then approved or rejected that request) or
  2. The Learner's Manager unilaterally enrolled one of his/her Learners in a card (without a request from the Learner

In other words, either Learners ask to be enrolled, or Managers just do it without being asked.

Now, one more method has been added:

  1. Team Admins can unilaterally enroll any Learner in a card.

One note about this new method: the Learner must be a member of the card's Field. This caveat won't be a problem for most Admins since most Teams only have a single Field. And since Team Admins control Field assignment, they can always add a Learner to a Field if they want.