Previously, there were only two ways a Learner could start enrollment in a card:

  1. The Learner can request enrollment from his/her Manager
  2. The Manager can unilaterally enroll one of the Learners in his/her group

Now there's a 3rd way: Team Admins can also unilaterally enroll any Learner in his/her Team, provided that Learner is in the same Field as the card.

If you have the Team Admin role and want to enroll a Learner (perhaps to act on behalf of a Manager who is unavailable), go to the Learn view (the card catalog view), choose the card and select Enroll:

12-22-2015 9-25-37 AM.jpg

You'll see your own name listed first (you're still able to enroll yourself!) followed by all the other Learners in the card's Field. Select the Learner and enter the other fields as usual.

Team Admins can only start new enrollments: if the Learner wants to extend or cancel the card later, the normal Manager approval process is still used. The Team Admin can't unilaterally extend or cancel cards.