When a Learner requests a skill sign-off from a Mentor using the eMail method, the Mentor can now view and approve/reject the request from within the Pract.us app (note: you'll only see this option if you have the Mentor role).

  1. From the black slide-out menu, choose Mentor.
  2. In the left-hand list header, choose Waiting
  3. If you have any sign-off requests waiting for your action, you should see them listed in the left-hand column (on a small screen device, the left-hand list is all you'll see until you select an item from it.)
  4. Select one of the requests and you'll see the full skill description as well as Approve and Reject buttons.
  5. Make your choice and enter an optional comment.

Once you've chosen to approve or reject the request, the item should disappear from the Waiting list. Notifications will be sent and the Pract.us database will be updated just like any other sign-off action.

The Mentors Guide has been updated and is available here.