As a Mentor, you've been chosen to be a subject matter expert for at least one skill in your Team.

When a Learner has finished preparing for a skill, he or she may signal their preparedness by making the skill Ready. A Ready skill shows up on the Learner's special Ready List and it also triggers notifications when one of the Mentors on the Ready skill becomes available.

Now, in the new Mentor View, you can see who's ready for any of the skills you can sign off.

  1. From the black slide-out menu, choose Mentor.
  2. In the left-hand list header, choose Ready
  3. You should see a list of skills that are ready for sign-off, as well as the specific Learners who own each skill.

With this information, you can proactively reach out to a Learner and volunteer to help them complete the skill.

For example, you are planning to perform a monthly maintenance check on a piece of gear tomorrow. This may be a good opportunity to train one of the new staff at the same time. By going to this Ready view, you can see if any Learners are ready for the skill. If so, you can reach out to them and invite them to join you. This is another way can help organize and encourage on-the-job training!

The Mentors Guide has been updated and is available here.