In previous versions of, a Card Author needed to manually close and then re-open a Card in order for all recent Skill changes to "update" in the Card. This process was called "upgrading" the Card, and we intentionally made it a manual step to ensure Card Authors always had control over their Card contents.

However, this caused some confusion, as Authors often expected that any Skill changes would automatically update open Cards, so that the next Learner to enroll would always get the most recent versions of the Skills contained in the cards.

Accordingly, effective with this release, we have changed the Card upgrading behavior to be automatic. It's no longer necessary to manually close/re-open a Card in order to upgrade it to the current versions of its Skills. The Card upgrade process now happens automatically, as soon as a Skill is re-opened.

As always, Cards that are already being worked on by Learners (we call these "in-flight" Cards) will not be altered by any changes that occur after enrollment. The upgrading process discussed above only refers to the Card version seen by the next Learner to enroll in that Card.

Release:, 3/15/2016