Normally, learners must request enrollment to begin a card. The request goes to the learner's manager, who approves or rejects the enrollment. The learner's card doesn't actually start until this approval process is complete.

Now, card authors can choose which card enrollments must use the normal approval process and which can start immediately any time a learner wants.

To enable self-enrollment (which skips the approval process), the card author must first close a card and edit it. Near the top of the card banner is a switch labeled "Enable Self-Enrollment". Set the switch to "On", then save your changes and re-open the card. Now, learners see a "Start" button instead of the normal "Enroll" button when browsing the card catalog.

Note, this self-enrollment switch is a "master" switch for the card, so everyone who sees the card will have the same option: either manager-approved enrollment or self-enrollment.

When could this self-enrollment feature be useful to you? You may want to publish two similar version of a card. Learners use the mentor-supported, manager-approved version of a card when learning a function or role for the first time But later, when they need to perform the function, a self-enrollment card can serve as a sort of checklist or guide. The card still contains the skills and references, but the learner can start the card whenever they want, without needing manager approval.

Release:, 9/1/2016