This feature allows a manager to schedule a recurring enrollment for a specific card and learner based on a calendar schedule.

To use, pick a card and select the Enroll button. Choose a learner to enroll from the list. So far, this is just like a normal manager-initiated enrollment.

Here's the new part:

  • turn the "Recurring Enrollment" switch to "On"

  • Pick a date for the next card enrollment to start.

  • Pick a number for "Days until Due". This number defines how much time the learner will have to complete the card each time.

  • Pick a number for "Repeat Every". This number combines with the next selection to create the period of repetition

  • Select a unit of time from the "Time" drop-down.

Note, by make the first enrollment in the future, you can effectively set up a card for delayed start.

To edit a recurring enrollment while a card is not in progress, just return to the card and select Enroll to view and modify these options. To stop the recurring schedule and make sure no future cards start automatically, turn the "Recurring Enrollment" switch Off. You can't edit the schedule with a card already in progress, although you can always cancel the card and set up a recurring enrollment from scratch.

Release:, 9/9/2016