One of the big challenges in informal and on-the-job training is finding people who can help you when you need them. makes this easier by:

  • showing you the Mentors assigned to help with every Skill
  • providing quick access to their contact info, and
  • notifying you when specific Mentors become available.

As a Learner, if you find a Mentor to be effective, friendly, patient, a good communicator, or just make Skills enjoyable, then you can choose to Follow the Mentor so that you're notified whenever that Mentor is available.

To Follow a Mentor, click on the Mentor's avatar in any Card (enrolled or not) and toggle the "Follow Mentor" switch to ON, as shown:


When you follow a Mentor, the Mentor's avatar receives a "hollow" star, like Vizzini's below:


If Vizzini indicates (using his own app) that he's available to help Learners, then his star becomes gold:


Even if you don't follow Vizzini, he'll still get a gold star when available, but the star won't have a black border:


You can also set up notifications in your Profile to get notified when Mentors you're following become available. If you're not following Vizzini, then you won't be notified, although you'll still be able to see the gold star wherever Vizzini's avatar appears in