As a Manager, if you set up a recurring card enrollment for one of your Learners, then will automatically start a new card on the schedule you choose.

But what happens if the Learner's previous card is still active? Since a Learner can only have one active enrollment in a given card at any time, what will do? There are two possibilities:

  1. Allow the Learner to continue working on the previous card, and delay the creation of the new card enrollment
  2. Cancel the Learner's current card and start the new one.

If you want Option 1, then make sure the checkbox shown below is UNCHECKED. This gives priority to the current card, so that the new enrollment doesn't start until the current card is completed. will check status every night at midnight and not start the next scheduled enrollment until the previous one is complete.


If you want Option 2, then make sure the checkbox is CHECKED. This gives priority to the new card, so that the next enrollment starts when scheduled even if it means a previous enrollment must be cancelled.