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    By setting your Profile language to Spanish, you can see all screens, menus and labels in Spanish.

    We're working on a feature that will also offer Authors the ability to create multilingual content for their Skills, References and Cards, but for now only the original language as entered is available.

    Effective: v1.0.4.3

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    Managers have the ability to set up recurring card enrollments for their Learners. Once a recurring enrollment schedule has been set up, Pract.us starts new cards on auto-pilot. But if you want to change the schedule, or even cancel it altogether, then follow these steps:

    1. Choose Learn in the side menu.
    2. Go to the card with the recurring enrollment and choose the Enroll button


    1. In the pop-ip menu that appears, turn the Recurring Enrollment switch ON, as shown:


    1. with the Recurring Enrollment switch ON, you'll see the scheduling options.
    2. Make any changes you want and select** CONFIRM**, or
    3. To cancel the recurring enrollment, turn the Recurring Enrollment switch to OFF, and then CONFIRM to close the pop-up.

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    As a Manager, if you set up a recurring card enrollment for one of your Learners, then Pract.us will automatically start a new card on the schedule you choose.

    But what happens if the Learner's previous card is still active? Since a Learner can only have one active enrollment in a given card at any time, what will Pract.us do? There are two possibilities:

    1. Allow the Learner to continue working on the previous card, and delay the creation of the new card enrollment
    2. Cancel the Learner's current card and start the new one.

    If you want Option 1, then make sure the checkbox shown below is UNCHECKED. This gives priority to the current card, so that the new enrollment doesn't start until the current card is completed. Pract.us will check status every night at midnight and not start the next scheduled enrollment until the previous one is complete.


    If you want Option 2, then make sure the checkbox is CHECKED. This gives priority to the new card, so that the next enrollment starts when scheduled even if it means a previous enrollment must be cancelled.

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    Workdays is now an option you can choose when setting up Reports (in your Profile) or Recurring Card Enrollments (if you are a Manager). Here's what it looks like in the Recurring Card Enrollment setup:


    And here it is in the Reports set up:


    For the Workdays choice to mean something, your Team Admin needs to choose the days of the week your team considers to be workdays. One set of workdays will apply to everyone on the Team.

    If you are a Team Admin, set up your workdays by going to Team Settings in the side menu and choosing Settings. Look for the following checkboxes about mid-way down the page:


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    Pract.us will alert you if you remove the Mentor role from a user and inadvertently leave one or more Skills without a Mentor. But with the new Mentor Inclusion Report, you can now see a detailed list of Skills where every Mentor is used, along with the total number of Mentors assigned to the Skill. This helps you know in advance, before removing a Mentor, which Skills are about to go Mentor-less and which will need replacements.

    As with all reports, the new Mentor Inclusion report is available in your Profile > My Reports.

    Included in app version

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    Release contains several enhancements designed to improve app performance, especially in older devices like smartphones and tablets. We hope you notice the difference!

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    This feature allows a manager to schedule a recurring enrollment for a specific card and learner based on a calendar schedule.

    To use, pick a card and select the Enroll button. Choose a learner to enroll from the list. So far, this is just like a normal manager-initiated enrollment.

    Here's the new part:

    • turn the "Recurring Enrollment" switch to "On"

    • Pick a date for the next card enrollment to start.

    • Pick a number for "Days until Due". This number defines how much time the learner will have to complete the card each time.

    • Pick a number for "Repeat Every". This number combines with the next selection to create the period of repetition

    • Select a unit of time from the "Time" drop-down.

    Note, by make the first enrollment in the future, you can effectively set up a card for delayed start.

    To edit a recurring enrollment while a card is not in progress, just return to the card and select Enroll to view and modify these options. To stop the recurring schedule and make sure no future cards start automatically, turn the "Recurring Enrollment" switch Off. You can't edit the schedule with a card already in progress, although you can always cancel the card and set up a recurring enrollment from scratch.

    Release:, 9/9/2016

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    Normally, learners must request enrollment to begin a card. The request goes to the learner's manager, who approves or rejects the enrollment. The learner's card doesn't actually start until this approval process is complete.

    Now, card authors can choose which card enrollments must use the normal approval process and which can start immediately any time a learner wants.

    To enable self-enrollment (which skips the approval process), the card author must first close a card and edit it. Near the top of the card banner is a switch labeled "Enable Self-Enrollment". Set the switch to "On", then save your changes and re-open the card. Now, learners see a "Start" button instead of the normal "Enroll" button when browsing the card catalog.

    Note, this self-enrollment switch is a "master" switch for the card, so everyone who sees the card will have the same option: either manager-approved enrollment or self-enrollment.

    When could this self-enrollment feature be useful to you? You may want to publish two similar version of a card. Learners use the mentor-supported, manager-approved version of a card when learning a function or role for the first time But later, when they need to perform the function, a self-enrollment card can serve as a sort of checklist or guide. The card still contains the skills and references, but the learner can start the card whenever they want, without needing manager approval.

    Release:, 9/1/2016

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    In previous versions of Pract.us, a Card Author needed to manually close and then re-open a Card in order for all recent Skill changes to "update" in the Card. This process was called "upgrading" the Card, and we intentionally made it a manual step to ensure Card Authors always had control over their Card contents.

    However, this caused some confusion, as Authors often expected that any Skill changes would automatically update open Cards, so that the next Learner to enroll would always get the most recent versions of the Skills contained in the cards.

    Accordingly, effective with this release, we have changed the Card upgrading behavior to be automatic. It's no longer necessary to manually close/re-open a Card in order to upgrade it to the current versions of its Skills. The Card upgrade process now happens automatically, as soon as a Skill is re-opened.

    As always, Cards that are already being worked on by Learners (we call these "in-flight" Cards) will not be altered by any changes that occur after enrollment. The upgrading process discussed above only refers to the Card version seen by the next Learner to enroll in that Card.

    Release:, 3/15/2016

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    The following list of system key words can now be customized for your Team:

    • Card
    • Skill
    • Reference
    • Learner
    • Mentor
    • Manager
    • Author
    • Admin

    A template is available at the bottom of the Team Settings page. You can enter both singular and plural versions of your preferred substitutes. Keep in mind that the Pract.us help and documentation resources will continue to use the standard set of words (those listed above), so members of your team may need to "translate" from these standard words to your custom set.

    Release:, 3/19/2016

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